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Public Gardens in Spain

The challenges shooting in public spaces on a tour include: time of day, weather, people, and traffic. You can’t always shoot at the optimal time of day. Sometimes you are lucky and show up at the perfect time to get the shot. When you need to make your own luck look for detail shots without distractions, make the crowd part of the photo, shoot reflections, use an umbrella for a pop of color in the rain — get creative and you will have some great shots.

I shot these images on The Romantic Gardens of Spain tour in 2016 with Nan Sterman. Nan is a great tour guide with a lot of plant knowledge. Two friends and I visited Madrid and Toledo before joining the tour. I would highly recommend you join one of Nan’s trips. It is a great way to see a new place from a different perspective — through the garden.


Various gardens found in Madrid, Toledo and the southern part of Spain

Photography by Karin H Wilson

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— John Muir


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