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Stunning Contemporary Provence

How to best showcase the landscaping on this large property?

I focused on the approach to the house. This house is revealed through the landscape as you come up the driveway. First, you see the house from far away behind roses. Then, the intermediate view is through bougainvillea. Finally, the stairway to the front door is framed between the trees. The shot of the southeast-facing slope showcases the overall landscape design and plant choices beautifully.

The shots also capture the variety of flowers in the garden.


Landscape Design:
Jackie and the Beanstalk

San Diego, CA

Photography by Karin H Wilson

Landscape Designer: Jackie Seidman

Landscape Designer: Jackie Seidman

Jackie and the Beanstalk

Jackie and the Beanstalk is a multi-purpose horticultural design firm. Using sustainable practices she specializes in Custom Garden Design, Edible Gardens, Garden Staging and Consulting. Her services vary from a simple stroll around the garden with a homeowner who wants a do-it-yourself approach to full service design and installation.


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"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

— John Muir


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